The Right Tools – Modern Day

Having the right tools for any job is essential. The same goes for make up. If you don’t have the right tools, you may not end up with a good finished product.

I never realized that until recently. For years I would use my fingers to apply liquid foundation. While there is nothing inherently wrong with using your fingers, it can leave streaks and The Foundation Mustache. I struggled with what is the right tool to use. It seemed everyone had an opinion about it and felt their opinion was the right one.  You could use a foundation brush, a stipling brush, a sponge, a pouf, your fingers or a million other tools.

All these are okay, but my favorite by far is this little guy:


It looks quite comical but the results are pretty amazing. What is so great about the beauty blender is that it gently presses the make up into your pores and gives you a natural air brush look. There is the base that is rounded and large to use all over your face and the tip that is more pointed to be used around your nose and under eye.

Using the beauty blender is fairly simple. Begin by dampening the beauty blender and squeeze out excess water.  Dab your liquid foundation all over your face with a finger tip. Gently begin blotting and bouncing the beauty blender on your face until your foundation is completely blended. I have large pores on my nose and chin so I am sure to put a little pressure in those areas to press the foundation into the pores.

Immediately you will notice: No brush strokes, No fingerprints, No foundation mustache and smooth even tone!

You can also do something similar with a regular sponge. Just be sure to moisten it!

Some say the beauty blender wastes your foundation by absorbing it. I find that not much gets wasted and the finished product is worth some missing foundation.

Not only do you need good tools for foundation but let’s not forget the rest of our face!

Don’t waste your time with sponge eyeshadow applicators. Get yourself a nice set of brushes. Like these:

brushcase brushesopen

Just got these brushes and I love them! They are very reasonably priced and are great quality. I purchased the set pictured above from

Having a good quality brush set makes it easier to apply your make-up but also will not waste precious product. You can also use different techniques by using different brushes. In another blog I will show what each brush is and its use. Most brushes have special uses so the more you experiment, the better acquainted you will become with them.

Be sure to clean your brushes! I use a spray brush cleaner. You can also use a mild soap. Treat your brushes with kindness and you can have them for years! They are an investment and will be well worth the money spent.

Make-up is an art. Have fun with it and try out new looks.

-Stay Classy

Finding My Vintage Self

Not too long ago I was afraid of make-up. Yep, you heard me. Afraid of make-up. I would use only foundation and one color shadow and some mascara. I thought that if I used too much color on my eyes and face I would look gaudy and outlandish. Then I met someone who changed my view on cosmetics forever.

I have always loved the vintage 1940’s look and style. It appealed to me and I day dreamed about being a bombshell from ’48 breaking hearts with my red painted lips and alluring cat eye. Never did I ever dream I could fulfill this fantasy. Then I met an awesome co-worker who had the same fantasy as me. We began by watching How To videos and then bought some red lip stick. Our style was all coming together.

Now I am perfecting my technique and vintage style. I am a traditionalist when it comes to the 40’s look. I adore the smooth unblemished skin, the delicate winged eyeliner over plush lashes and those signature red lips.

To me, ladies acted with class and men were dashing. I don’t want to live in the 40’s but I enjoy recreating the good stuff from the era.

I am not a make-up professional- I am still in the learning stages. Here I would like to share my triumphs and tribulations. What worked and what didn’t. Also, the make-up artists and beauty icons that inspire me. I want to show you that make-up is not something to be feared but a creative outlet that can be accessible to anyone.

-Stay Classy